Terms and Conditions

1. Validity of the General Terms and Conditions of AirBn3.com

 These General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as "GTC") apply to all contracts concluded via the online platform www.AirBn3.com www.AirBn3.com (hereinafter referred to as "AirBn3") between Aaha24 Limited and a consumer or entrepreneur (hereinafter referred to as "Member"). The place of jurisdiction is at the registered office of the company. The inclusion of the Member's own terms and conditions is hereby objected to, unless otherwise agreed.

2. Acknowledgement of the GTC

The member acknowledges these GTC and agrees to them as soon as he/she registers free of charge on www.AirBn3.com. www.AirBn3.com.

3. defense clause

The inclusion of general terms and conditions or contractual conditions of the member, which deviate from these GTC, is rejected, unless they are expressly recognized by AirBn3.

4. conclusion of contract

The product descriptions contained in the seller's online store www.AirBn3.com do not represent binding offers on the part of AirBn3, but serve to submit a binding offer by the member. Service descriptions of the seller do not have the character of a guarantee or assurance and are valid while stocks last. Errors are excepted. The offer in the legal sense is made by the member by placing the order.

5. registration and membership

Supporting member

With the registration on www.AirbBn3.com the user becomes a "supporting member". As a supporting member, he/she may promote the project of AirBn3, may recruit other supporting members and may use the product and service presentations of the AirBn3 community as a member.

Active member

To become an active member, the user must purchase one of the membership packages for a fee. Upon purchase, the supporting member becomes an active member.

As an active member of the community receives ongoing annual rewards for being an active member, recruits additional members and receives an expense allowance for this, can fully participate in community life and joint conservation projects, may contribute ideas, carry out initiatives to protect flora and fauna in consultation with AirBn3 and on behalf of AirBn3 independently or with other members.

Purchase of membership packages

Through the purchase of membership packages, on behalf of the member, for the purpose of nature, climate and species protection, areas are reforested with trees and shrubs, or planted, existing forest areas, biotopes or other grassland, for example, heath areas or moors in your origin and supported beekeepers to promote our bees. Part of this service is the culture preparation, planting, as well as the necessary protection and maintenance work for a period of up to 10 years. The bees and trees, as well as the land and other areas and other goods are not acquired by the member with it. Ownership, use and encumbrances of the areas or forests, such as the obligation to ensure traffic safety, remain with AirBn3.

6. further care and protection of inventory

According to §11 paragraph 1, sentence 1 Federal Forest Act, in Germany, prescribed proper and sustainable management of the land in the very long term also includes thinning, these obligations are incumbent on AirBn3. Planting is carried out according to local, climatic and seasonal requirements. AirBn3 can also reforest the areas in advance if necessary.

7. service

AirBn3 provides management, maintenance and road safety of all trees, bees and areas, on behalf of and with the assistance of the members if requested.

8. Duration

AirBn3 performs the services mentioned in point 5.,6. and 7. for the member for a duration of 10 years from the purchase of the membership. AirBn3 notifies the members about the expiration of the membership at least 30 days in advance.

9. ordering process of the membership packages and products

The Member can choose between several membership packages and products on the online platform www.AirBn3.com.

  1. The Member goes to "Buy Trees", "Buy Bees" or directly to the "Shop", selects the Membership Package and then can choose the desired Membership Packages and thereby the number of trees, select the number of bees and/ or buy products in the Shop.
  2. Bees are compulsorily purchased with each membership package. At the first purchase and thus the activation of the membership, as an "Active Member", a one-time registration fee will be charged additionally. After the member has selected the desired number of the product, he sees a price overview and can then the desired number of products "put in the cart". After that, by pressing "continue to checkout", the member will be redirected to the "Billing Details", which is an order overview.

The member must check his information in the order overview again conscientiously and correct it if necessary. Subsequently, he selects the method of payment "Pay with Bitcoin" or "Shopping Account" and by clicking on the button "Proceed to Coinbase" or payment "with Shopping Account" the member submits his binding offer simultaneously with the payment.

When choosing external payment services such as Coinbase, the Member will be redirected to the external website of the respective payment service provider. Before submitting the order, the data relevant for the order is summarized in an "order summary". The price for the active membership also includes the service described in points 5 and 6.

After direct payment, AirBn3 sends a notification e-mail with an invoice to the e-mail address provided by the member, confirming receipt of the order and payment, and reproducing its content.

10. active members reward

For the members who join in 2021, the reward is maximized to 2.5 times, based on the chosen level of membership plus the sum of the acquired bees.

The reward will be paid on an annual basis, for the first time on 31.12. of the following year after joining as a member, 70% to the credit account and 30% to the purchase account. It is planned to pay a reward in the amount of 0-1.25% per month. The calculation starts for the first time after the activation of a membership package with the first of the month following the purchase of the package. The calculation of further added tree and bee packages will follow the same principle.

The reward cannot be guaranteed and depends on the activity and the use of the offers of the community e.g. purchase in the store, booking and purchase of goods, services, services via the marketplace of AirBn3, on the economic, legal and funding conditions of the respective projects.

11. storage of the contract text

The contract text, i.e. the information provided by the member on the order process, is stored by AirBn3 and can be viewed by the member under the link "Login" "My Profile". The member can view the yield generated by his plant under the item "Harvest". Independently of this, AirBn3 sends the order confirmation and these terms and conditions to the e-mail address provided by the member.

The project areas of the AirBn3 community are, in Germany, permanently protected by §11 paragraph 1, number 1 and 2 BWaldG. In addition, the area is protected by §9 BWaldG, because the mentioned permission is usually denied and for the unlikely case of a permission for this according to §17 BNatschG in conjunction with §14, 15 BNatschG and §9 BWaldG a compensation and replacement is required, which usually provides for replacement reforestation, in at least the same size. The seller does not intend to ever convert the forest to another type of use. The duration of the individual protection projects is therefore unlimited.